Last Time I Went Shopping I Bought 19 Purses and 11 Pairs of Shoes....

I Don't Know What's Sadder..The Fact That I Bought That Many, or That I Remember

My Shoes Match My Purse!
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This community is where purse and shoe addicts unite! I am not that big of a shopper, but when it comes to purses and shoes.... The last time I went shopping I bought 19 purses and 11 pairs of shoes. I don't know what's sadder: The fact that I bought that many, or the fact that I remember how many I bought.....

AND, They say that we are supposed to have rules. Screw that! THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO RULES FOR THIS COMMUNITY! I feel that being a part of a community is to be yourself, and not be all rule-bound. Say what you want, when you want! Be Yourself! Promote other communities, say off-topic stuff (I think that it is better being introduced to new things), or simply talk about purses or shoes! Say whatever you feel like!

And, please, if you have any questions, or ways to improve this community please tell me! Email me! My username is shakeywhisper and my email is twohorsegirl@msn.com. PLEASE tell me ways to improve this community!